Functional Training


This training method involves high-intensity workouts that focus on improving both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

The popular “Crossfit” workouts are based on this training philosophy. At Union Fitness we know that extra care must be taken to use the right technique when you're performing weightlifting exercises using heavy loads –but the more people in your group, the less attention you get.

At Union Fitness we do one-on-one sessions or you can train with small groups of up to four people – you choose.


We use an individualised, technique-driven version of functional training, which means that you get a more effective, high-intensity workout - and more importantly, an injury-free workout!



Functional training is the perfect workout for individuals or small groups that want to see results quickly – short, intense sessions are great for early birds, lunchtime or after-hours training.

If you're familiar with this kind of training, contact us and come for a trial session – you'll notice the difference. And if you've heard about functional training and want to find out more, get in touch and we'll get you started.