Sports Specific Training


Take your individual sports performance to the next level!

We’re well qualified to help you develop your physical abilities efficiently.

We know how to make you increase your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. After a couple of weeks training with us, you'll experience positive changes in your power, speed and agility that will make an important difference on competition day.

Generic training programmes at the gym can be a waste of time, energy and money if you have sport-specific goals, but at Union Fitness we can give you personalised programmes and techniques to get you performing at your best every time.

We design short, mid, and long-term plans that make sense for your competition schedule.

We can also help with injury prevention and rehabilitation (post physio instructions) so you can make the most of your season.

If you're a recreational athlete and you love running, cycling or tramping because it keeps you healthy, then it's probably time for you to think about joining the thousands of people that, almost every weekend of the year, take part in different challenges and competitions in New Zealand.

Come on! Challenge yourself, your family and friends, or your workmates. It can be fun! Talk to us, and together we can design a training programme to get you ready for whichever event you pick - whether it is a long walk or run, half or full marathon, cycling race, or even the craziest of challenges.

When possible, we go with you on the day and give you competition support to make sure everything goes well before, during and after the event.

Get in touch for more information on how we can help you increase your individual sport performance.